About Us

"Noor Poultry" Ltd. is a new enterprise for poultry and broiler meat production, founded in 2015. The company produces a wide variety ofbroilers, in different sizes and portions, chilled and frozen high quality products. The main part of the production is intended for export to the Near East, Southern Africa and Asia.

At "Noor Poultry” we have at our disposal the most modern poultry facilities and production equipment. We have implemented an innovative poultry slaughterhouse line for air cooling, allowing higher performance and productivity, as well as ensuring high quality and more durable products.

Capacity between 9,600 and 19,200 tons fodder and grains yearly
fodder and grains yearly
Chicken Slaughterhouse
Capacity of 4,000 pieces of poultry per hour, equal to 10,560 tons yearly "Halal" chickens under the supervision and management of specialized Islamic Organisations.
yearly Halal chickens
Capacity of 800,000 - 1,6 million eggs in one production cycle
eggs in one cycle
Two Poultry Farms
Capacity of 800 tons yearly of “Halal” chicken meat and products. The companies will launch poultry production on 1st September 2015 under the name of “Noor Poultry”.
800tons per year
Halal chicken meat and products

Quality Control

The biggest advantage that makes the company stand out is high end quality control applied at each stage of production and processing as well as towards the origin of the meat. The company owns a fodder production facility, a hatchery, poultry farms and a slaughterhouse - all certified according EU standards. We also own a "Helal' certificat for production and processing of poultry meat.